Jokowi Wears Surakarta King Attire on 78th Independence Day Ceremony

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Presiden Joko Widodo or Jokowi donned traditional clothing dubbed the Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng on the ceremony of the 78th Indonesia’s Independence Day at the Merdeka Palace on Thursday, August 17. The Ageman attire is usually worn by the kings of Surakarta, King Pakubuwono Surakarta Hadiningrat, in an event called Enggar Eggar Soho Tedhak Loji.

When asked why he chose the clothes, Jokowi said that he wanted to try on every traditional clothes from the west to the east of Indonesia. “Well the team chose it for me, not me,” he said at the State Palace on Thursday, August 17. 

During that occasion, the president said that he was delighted to see many people attending the event at the Merdeka Palace wearing traditional clothes. According to him, the diversity if united would be the real strength of Indonesia.

“Indonesia’s strength is diversity which can be united. So if we are united, solid, compact, that is Indonesia’s great strength,” said Jokowi.

He went on to say that Indonesia’s Independence Day ceremony this year would be the last one held at the Merdeka Palace. “Insha Allah next year, [it will be held] in IKN next year. We’ll see,” said Jokowi. 

Several performances enlivened the Independence Day commemoration at the State Palace in Central Jakarta today. It started with a ceremonial event at 08:30 Western Indonesia time, followed by art performances at 09:00.  

The ceremony continued with the commemoration of Indonesia’s independence proclamation at around 10:00, followed by the raising of the red and white flag.

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After the ceremonial event, there was a teleconference with the capital city of Nusantara IKN in East Kalimantan. IKN would be the next location for the 79th Independence Day celebration in 2024.

Another attraction to entertain the people attending the event was the aircraft attraction by Indonesian Airforce (TNI AU) and the National Police. At 11:00, there were musical performances such as by the Shine of Black from Jayapura, Papua. 

In the afternoon, the Palace would hold a series of red and white flag-lowering ceremonies, starting with art performances at 15:45. The flag-lowering ceremony would start at 17:00.

President Jokowi previously said that the 78th Independence Day celebration would be more lively, considering the revocation of the Covid-19 pandemic status. He also invited the public to join in enlivening the ceremony.

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