Conservation Agency Identifies Ancient Elephant Tusk Fossil in Sragen

TEMPO.CO, JakartaSangiran Ancient Human Site Conservation Agency (BPSMP) has preserved and identified an ancient elephant tusk fossil found by a Sragen local in Ngebung Village, Sragen Regency, Central Java. 

The Head of BPSMP Iskandar Mulia Siregar said that fossils are found quite often around Sangiran areas. “We will conduct a conservation and identification process to ensure the type and age of the (ancient elephant tusk) fossil. The fossil has been moved to our laboratory,” he said in Sragen, on Thursday, August 3, 2023.

Iskandar explained that the fossil was found after a local dug the ground to build the foundation of a house. The person proceeded to report the finding to BPSMP. “The locals bump into a suspicious object while digging the ground to build a house foundation on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at around 17:00. They reported it to the Ngebung Museum security officer,” said Iskandar. 

The security officer then verified the nature of the object, finding it to be a fossil. BPSMP proceeded to dig the surrounding area to evacuate the 2-meter-long fossil. The team suspected the age of the fossil to be 800 years old considering the depth of the ground where it was buried. “The elephant tusk fossil is temporarily kept in the Ngebung Museum storage,” Iskandar explained.

According to Iskandar, there have been nine fossil evacuation processes in the area since the beginning of 2023. “Elephant-related findings are not rare here. Of the nine discoveries, most of them are elephant-related fossils,” he said. “The government truly appreciates the locals for their dedication to preserving ancient areas about the fossil discoveries.”

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